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Car interior environmental material application status
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  Nowadays because of the fog weather caused by topic, and inner car air quality problem has become the point. The attention degree is not enough for people, the main value of interior color is good-looking, model is beautiful and fine workmanship. On the material of environmental protection or toxic ingredients not deep understanding, this will lead to vehicle interior air affect passengers in good health. Now we make summarize for some enterprises will be used in the car environmental protection material and technology.

  Eagle Ottawa detrusion green leather products Natalle.

  In response to the global auto market to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions, Eagle Ottawa Natalle developed new products. This is a kind of similar to the environmental protection of leather material, made of synthetic leather, leather fiber containing up to 70% of the regenerated leather fibers. From the point of view of raw material, Natalle production can reduce landfill waste, reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, its manufacturing innovative technology, do not use chemical adhesive, only to synthetic leather fibre with circulating water. It is 40% lighter than the typical standard leather, once adopted, can make the average weight of about 1.36 kg per car, improve vehicle fuel economy, contribute to environmental protection.

  According to Eagle Ottawa Asia Pacific President and vice President of global business development finish can be red (Cary beans), Mr. Pushed Natalle company hopes the entry-level models and electric cars, hybrid cars and other new energy vehicle market. This material compared with the traditional leather, environmental protection, not only has more price advantage. In addition, all the finishing and Eagle Ottawa r ascension process can be applied to Natalle, such as embossing, roller, double color and customize the perforation of the surface treatment technology, to realize the diversity of the interior. After processing, Natalle can be promoted to appearance of luxury, leather feels like leather, is the ideal choice for environmental protection interior.

 Eagle Ottawa has been created, developed the most advanced Natalle coating production line, and in April 2012 on its finish and cutting in rochester hills Michigan factory installed in place. New product Natalle positioning for entry-level models and new energy vehicles, environmentally friendly and has a price advantage, and can customize according to customer requirements, for China's independent brand is the ideal choice. Eagle Ottawa really ready to the product to the Chinese market, if needed will also specialized factory in China, to realize localization production.

Kumho Japan Korea to develop plastic can net? Car interior with ultra low VOC materials guarantee fresh air inside the car.

  Inner car air quality is not up to standard is largely comes from the interior materials of unqualified, kumho Japan Korea specifically for volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the automobile distribution problem and develop low VOC materials - plastic net?, it can not only meet the car interior of weather resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and other performance requirements, more effective control of the organic volatile formation and precipitation, the biggest bright spot is ultra-low sporadic。

  Kumho South Korea kumho petrochemical and parent company in Japan Korea relying on the strong rise of the polymerization technology of background, effectively reduce the residual monomer polymerization process, raw material of low molecular precipitation of oligomer, with 10 years of experience in the modification, the integration of the polymerization, reactive extrusion, international experts set up special equipment technology research and development team, invest more than 1500 ten thousand yuan, 3 years, successfully created the international leading technology of PSS, through polymerization, extraction, purification and processing after a series of complex link effectively reduces the VOC content inside the car. From the third party test report data model can net TMABS sporadic can reach TVOC ﹤ 18 mu gC/g levels, plastic net TMPC/ABS can be sporadic TVOC ﹤ 15 mu gC/g level, than on the market at present the mainstream of the interior material of sporadic reduced 60%, well below the control standards, also far lower than the most strict Volvo TVOC ﹤ 30 mu of the gC/g control standard Ultra low VOC plastic net ,Series of products from the source real effectively improved the vehicle interior air quality, to give consumers a healthy and safe driving environment. Toray developed the use of plant material fiber car inner parts.

  Toray recently developed the use of PLA (polylactic acid) fibers from plant materials within "ECODEAR" car parts, and has begun its production in the global first.

  ECODEAR based on corn as the raw material of fiber. Polylactic acid in the natural environment such as soil was decomposed into carbon dioxide and water biological decomposability of fiber, burn calories is low.

SG飞艇历史记录  The company for Toyota motor starting from May 12, a new type of "Raum" spare tire cover and supply the parts carpet.Spare tire cover used in PLA fiber mixing natural fiber Kenaf Kenaf () and hard to deal with extrusion plastic board, 100% products derived from plants.

  In the future will be in need of related parts to reduce the financial burden of environmental development, increase applicable to the door, wheels, car seat, ceiling materials, and the Line within the Mat and other auto parts of PLA fiber product Line.

  HEXPOL company developed DryflexAM thermoplastic elastomer material floor MATS.

  HEXPOL, Elasto department has developed a series of thermoplastic elastomer (thermoplasticelastomers, TPES) materials, mainly used in car floor mat.

  DryflexAM materials based on the elastomer (SBS) and thermoplastic elastomer (SEBS), it has both the wear resistance of rubber and plastic workability, shore hardness measurement method is used, under the condition of the standard will be the standard pressure needle into the surface of the standard sample, the depth of the investigation into to measure the hardness of sample, the result for the shore A hardness value is between 50-75.

  DryflexAM materials including the application scope of car MATS, COINS pad and interior materials。Car floor mat material needs to have high wear resistance and scratch resistance, also have good skid resistance, especially in the moist environment。 DryflexAM material surface has high coefficient of friction, satisfies the requirement of antislip。

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